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Sanman Architects and interior was established in 2000. With over 18 years of experience of design, Ar. Manoj Kava has elevated industry standards to new heights with his visionary approach. Our practice offers both architecture and interior design expertise. We employ youth and experience in balance and our team of qualified designers and architects are passionately involved in all projects from inception through to completion, ensuring delivery of quality and reinforcement of the design concept.

18 Years Experience in Design

The design processes, in which we sketch, build physical models and create computer visualizations in order to experiment and innovate, deliver architecture that balances sensitive contextual response with elegant functionality, all while keeping economy in mind.

For all projects undertaken, regardless of scale or budget, we strive to gain a clear understanding of our clients brief to define clear objectives and requirements. We spend time to work with our clients and specialist consultants to identify opportunities, allowing us to investigate design options to produce an optimum design proposal. Underlying the approach to all our projects is an unwavering pursuit of the right solution, meaning that we strive for simple yet subtle designs that work efficiently, have a clear delivery of concept and are enjoyed by end users, and ultimately contribute to the context of place. Our Versatility lies in the string of successfully completed projects ranging from corporate office spaces, retail outlets, private residences and lifestyle spaces.This reputation has awarded us with several prestigious projects and assignments all over India.


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